Located on Guam’s southwestern shore, the peaceful village of Agat has a lot to offer those who are accustomed to city life and seek relaxation. Also referred to as the “Gateway to the South,” Agat is a suburban village, whose people are known to display tremendous hospitality and benevolence.

Occupying an extensive amount of Guam’s southwestern coastline, Agat allows people to easily enjoy extraordinary views of the ocean. Also, because Agat hasn’t undergone much development compared to the central villages of Guam, the village hosts a fairly suburban climate. This gravitates to the community to relish the natural beauty of Guam.

Although Agat is a relatively small town, the community embraces the idea of togetherness and thus hosts a variety of local events. These events include the weekly Tuesday night market and the annual Agat Mango Festival. The weekly night market is hosted by the beach at the Sagan Bisita, which means “place to visit.” From the Sagan Bisita, people can enjoy beautiful scenic views as they watch the sunset, and enjoy traditional, home-cooked meals. During the two-day Mango Festival, the village rejoices in the mango and local traditions, participating in games, contests, local arts, and crafts, entertainments, and food vendors.

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