Chalan Pago Ordot

Ordot Chalan Pago is what this charming central village of Guam is known as to those living in Chalan Pago. But for those who reside in the small municipality of Ordot, well, they reside in Ordot-Chalan Pago.

Ordot, pronounced otdot, is the Chamorro word that means “ant” after the species of ants that are found there and Chalan Pago is named after a road that leads from Hagatna to scenic Pago Bay. The road was once lined with the Hibiscus or “pagu” plants. During the Japanese occupation, most of this rugged terrain was used to raise crops because of its rich, fertile soil. The locals in these two villages take much pride in the lush greenery and rivers that run through their villages. It was not until after the war did homes start appearing on the Ordot- Chalan Pago landscape. As local folklore would have it, there was a path through these villages that the “taotaomona” (ancient Chamorros) took from the mountains to the seashore. Many tales are still told about these friendly spirits throughout this island neighborhood.

In June, the villages come alive in local observation of their respective Catholic Churches. Ordot celebrates its fiesta in tribute to San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist) and Chalan Pago’s Catholic Church celebrates The Sacred Heart of Mary and yet another one in January in honor of Our Lady of Peace and Safe Journey. Catholic traditions and customs run strong in this island community. Most of the community social events cater to their church calendar which adds to the charm these villages bring to the island.

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