Located at Guam’s southern tip, Merizo is island living at its best. Villagers take pride in their beautiful village, preferring it to stay as natural and undeveloped as possible keeping that sense of tropical island feeling we could all appreciate.

Originally called “Malesso”, the name comes from the Chamorro word “lesso” also known as “manahak lesso” which is a species of juvenile rabbitfish. Multiple schools of manahak enter Merizo’s Cocos lagoon, once or twice a year. This “Manahak Run” stirs excitement amongst the local fishermen and even non-fishermen of all ages who will try their luck to catch and ultimately enjoy this local delicacy.

Rich in tradition, Merizo offers many annual events with lots of fun for the family. Villagers extend an open invitation to events such as the San Dimas Fiesta in celebration of the village saint with an all you can eat local feast for everyone, the Fiestan Tasi which is the Festival of the Sea with water activities and carnival booths for the family to enjoy, the Cocos Crossing swim for the hardcore swimmers ready to test their endurance and the Crab Festival with activities such as who can catch the most land crab. In 2012, the mayor’s council released a total of 75 dozen land crabs during the crab catching competition. Event dates change but occur around the same general time.

Make sure to bring your camera, there are many historical sites to see in Merizo. Sites such as the Kampanayu Malesso (Merizo Bell Tower) and the Malesso Kombento (home of the parish priest and a museum) are just to name a couple. Built with Spanish influence, the architectural design and historic aspect make a great photo

Market SnapshotOctober 2021