MongMong Toto Maite

Mongmong-Toto-Maite or more fondly referred to by islanders as MTM, is the municipality of Guam composed of three beautiful villages east of Hagatna.

Both culture and religion runs deep in this tri-village area. Most residents here are immune to the daily buzz of aircraft flying overhead as it is located alongside the Wonpat International Airport. For the most part, this tri-village is characteristically quaint amongst the busy villages of Hagatna and Barrigada that they border.

Most of the Maite property overlooks the spectacular views of Hagatna Bay.

Many islanders find MTM especially attractive as they want to live in what is considered “central” Guam making Mongmong Toto Maite a much sought after real estate acquisition. One can still wander through the streets of MTM and find a quiet village with spots of activity from a school here or a “mom and pop” store there.

MTM is a stone’s throw from the airport, a heartbeat from Naval Hospital and a hop to the Agana Shopping Center and Hagatna swimming pool. Mongmong Toto Maite continues to grow, and yet keeps its village charm despite their new neighbors moving in these last few years. The foreboding structures of the First Hawaiian Bank, Cars Plus, Coast 360 have made Mongmong Toto Maite their home. Route 8 that runs through the tri-village is a major link between the north and south of Guam. Route 27 runs from the tri-village to Tamuning.

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