As you pass the mountain range of Mt. Lam Lam, the next village on the route is Umatac, which the village derives its name from the word uma, which means to carry something on the back or a heavy load on the shoulders.

This southern gem offers glimpses of Spanish history and proud heritage throughout the village. When the swells are up, Umatac bay also offers an awesome opportunity to surf.

There are many points of interest in the small southern village such as Spanish forts. Fort Soledad is perhaps the most famous and is now a park site often visited by tourists. It is of the most recent construction, and while it has crumbled from weather, treasure hunters and World War II over the years, much of the fort remains intact.

Another point of interest is Fouha bay and is where Fouha Bay, and where “Fouha Rock” sits. The ancient Chamorros believed this rock to be the resting place of a goddess called “Fu’una” who, with her brother Puntan, created the world and people.

When the time is right, and you want to explore the southern regions of Guam, and see unforgettable sunsets, come on down and visit Umatac.

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