Property Entry Rules

Hafa Adai

As part of our efforts to help rid our island and the world of COVID-19 certain changes have been made to the way we conduct our business.   First, a few tips.  We suggest that you work closely with your Agent via our website to view properties virtually first and then select, for example, the top 3 that you would like to physically view.  This will help minimize the exposure of all parties at multiple properties and under differing circumstances.  We would also like to note that property tours will take longer than usual, given the preparation necessary for viewing arrangements.   Your Agent will provide you with additional guidance.  We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

When it’s time to view properties in person, the following rules apply:

Property entry rules required for ALL persons entering the property:

  1. All persons entering the property are required to  provide a health declaration –  GAR Form PEAD – CORONAVIRUS PROPERTY ENTRY ADVISORY AND DECLARATION.
  2. Maintain Social Distancing – 6 feet from each other.
  3. Maximum # of Persons (3) Including Agent Inside the Property.
  4. Minimize Touching of Objects, Counters, Appliances, Etc.
  5. Do not leave children unattended on tour.
  6. Minimize Exposure Time – No more than 15 Minutes.
  7. Face Masks required by All Covering Mouth and Nose.
  8. Use Hand Sanitizer or wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or more.

Additionally, all visitors will need to follow any posted signs and notices at the property.

Thank you very much.

Revised 06-27-2020