The Renting Process

Today’s Realty has been helping tenants on Guam since 1997. Our real estate agents are seasoned professionals trained in providing exceptional service to all our rental clients including those with benefits such as government programs like Section 8, military overseas housing allowance, and others. Let’s get started on your rental search, today!

  • Choosing an agent – Today’s Realty has a team of experienced real estate agents, each with their own special skill set and personality type. It is important to choose an agent that you feel comfortable with and can communicate effectively with.
  • Identifying your requirements – Our real estate agents can provide you with information and insights on current Guam real estate market data that will help you select properties that meet your requirements. Be honest with your agent about your needs and expectations.
  • Qualifying for renting –There are some landlords that will require credit reports from all occupants over 18 years old. It is suggested that you and your co-tenants check your credit reports in advance so that you are aware of and can explain any adverse items that may be contained in your credit report. You will also need to have move in funds available; typically this will include a security deposit equal to one full months rent and the first month’s rent (or pro-rated portion if not moving in at the 1st of the month).
  • Searching for properties – Once you have a clear understanding of your target price, it’s time to search for your rental property. There are many tools at your disposal. Most tenants begin their search online. Many also drive by neighborhoods and look for “FOR RENT” signs. Others view real estate magazines and other periodicals. Tenants employ some or all of these methods. Your real estate agent will help you with this process.
  • Touring Properties – Your real estate agent can make arrangements with you to tour the properties that you have identified. While on tour ask questions, take notes, take pictures. Narrow your search to two or three properties that meet most of your needs. Visit these properties at different times of the day and night and on the weekend to help you understand neighborhood conditions and drive times.
  • Signing a Rental/Lease Offer – Once you and your real estate agent have identified a property, discussed all of the conditions associated with the rental, and determine a rental price that you would like to offer; then you will sign a rental/lease offer to be presented to the property owner for consideration. As you consider price and offer conditions, keep in mind that there may be other tenants interested in the property that you are looking to rent.
  • Negotiations – Once your offer has been presented, the Owner may elect to accept your offer as presented, counter conditions in your offer that may not be agreeable, reject your offer or simply let your offer expire. When we receive a Counter Offer we will discuss the pros and cons of the Counter Offer and strategize with you about how to move forward with the negotiations. The ultimate goal is an executed lease/rental agreement. Keep in mind that some owners and their agents prefer to negotiate terms ‘verbally’ in a lease situation. This often results in revisions to the lease offer and subsequent re-presentation to the property owner for consideration. A lease is not binding until it is fully executed by all parties.
  • Conditions – Contracts are often contingent upon inspections, repair work being completed, and other conditions. We will coordinate all of these efforts to make the process as seamless as possible.
    Move-In – Once all of the conditions of the contract have been satisfied, your move-in will be scheduled and you will receive your keys and a copy of your lease and move-in documentation.

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